1. How can I become a registered sales agent and promote sales of Turkish Airlines via TK-AF online portal?

TK-AF online portal by Sky Travel & Tours, Turkish Airlines Inc. (GSA) Afghanistan is developed for easier access and strong distribution channel of Turkish Airlines sales in Afghanistan. To become a registered sales agent, which is free of cost for our business partners, you can click on new agent registration, fill the required information and submit, our team will reply you with details or simply you can visit our office in Kabul. A business license is required for becoming TK-AF online portal customer.

2. What are the benefits to become a registered sales agent of TK-AF online portal?

As a valued sales agent of TK-AF online portal, your can have direct access to local Afghanistan market fare, avail discounts and commissions. You can issue and void tickets via TK-AF online portal 24/7.

3. How do I make payments?

At the moment, we only accept payment in either cash deposit in our office or Bank Deposits and Bank transfers. You are advised to maintain enough credit in your account that enables you to issue tickets and use our services.

4. Can I speak to reservation & Ticketing staff if required any help?

Our agency support staff is available via email support@thyafg.com, Telephone numbers +93 793 804804, +93 792 484848 and +93 793 494949. Our staff are still available on Skype for our sales agents till further notice.

5. How do I Refund, Date change, Reissue and revalidate TK tickets?

At the moment, you can issue and void tickets by TK-AF online portal. For refund, Date change, Reissue, revalidate and other miscellaneous transactions, you are requested to contact our reservation & ticketing staff through phone or e-mail.